Lars Storper has been working as a professional external inventor and product developer since 1993. Storper Innovations engineers are assembled based on the task portfolio and cover a wide range of fields including aerotechnology, embedded programming, IT development in many forms, etc.

Additionally, there are established development collaborations with specialists primarily in Asia, the UK, and the USA – what we don’t have in-house, our good partners complement us with.

Lars is a co-founder of the Danish Inventors Association and, in that context, advises many private inventors and small companies.

We are always up-to-date with innovation support schemes regionally, nationally, and internationally and participate as partners in many development projects. We often serve as the lead partner in projects and are happy to prepare applications where it makes sense.

We know all the intricate corners of the patent world and are very active in optimizing our clients’ IP rights from a commercial goal perspective.

Over the past many years, Lars has also increasingly taken on the role of Business Angel – primarily in the UK.

Everything is driven by an unstoppable ability and desire to improve and create new products and solutions.